Microsoft may have the next Windows 10 upgrade burning a hole in its pocket, but if it’s smart, the Redmond, Wash. developer will keep that code to itself for now.

In fact, software developers could do all tech users a big favor by slapping a moratorium on all non-security, feature-filled updates and upgrades until further notice.

Call it “software distancing,” but rather than make versions stand six feet apart force them to keep six months’ separation.

Why hold Windows 10 2004? Because we’re busy, in case you haven’t noticed

Microsoft must be eager to dispatch Windows 10 2004, the year’s spring feature upgrade: It’s been working on the refresh for more than a year now. But really, what’s the rush? After 13+ months of testing, testing and more testing, another half dozen isn’t going to hurt.

In fact, there are several reasons why postponing the upgrade makes good sense.

IT and users have higher priorities right now

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