Meeting space is one of the most important for a company or office because the meeting room is a gathering place for important employees to close something. Surely the design of a comfortable meeting room and fun is very important. But you have to consider some things in the design of the meeting room, some things that must be considered is the size of space with the capacity of people, electronic devices and of course the availability of communication tools that facilitate communication between participants meeting. The comfortable rooms and all the facilities are expected to facilitate the meeting participants so that the meeting takes place well with good results as well

Audio visual should be designed in such a way, which must be considered include:

Infrastructure IT must be there other than that wireless connection must also remain connected in this meeting room. Make sure the mobile phone network can also be affordable in this boardroom so that the meeting participants can still connect with others.

The minimum display can display images with 1920 × 1080 resolution. When the image can be raised then other forms of office data can be read clearly.

Other small fixtures
Over head projector, Projector Ceiling Mount UK, whiteboard, bookcase as small library of room decoration.

The comfortable design of the meeting room can smooth out the meeting so that participants can spill creative ideas. In addition, it can lead to a positive image of our office in the eyes of other companies or our colleagues when running meetings in our office.

Presentation can be done in any form of output signal from laptop like vga with audio, hdmi, Make sure this tool is in front of all meeting participants so as to make it easier to present.

Video conferencing system, this system should be placed in a position that parallels the eye’s point of view so as to impress the interaction directly opposite, lighting in the conference room is certainly needed for good lighting. Adjust the brightness of the light with the color.