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Your website is a place where people come and understand your business well. Therefore, its visibility on the search engine results is a mandatory goal for you to achieve. Now, there are various ways of doing that.

You can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads, which ask you to pay for getting ranked on the search engine. It sounds like a pretty good deal packaged inside a little secret. Will that be enough for you to drive the traffic to your page when you stop paying? Well, that can be a difficult question to answer.

Another way of ranking in the top of the search engine results page is organic traffic. The best way to achieve such traffic is by using Search Engine Optimization for your website. This methodology is not a full-proof way to rank your website, but if done right without mistakes, your website will surely rank at the top without paying anything to anyone. It is as simple as that. Though the time required to achieve the results is not fixed, the ROI you get through this is much more than that of paid ads.

Here we discuss five best SEO hacks to put your website on the map against the competitors.

  • Content is king

SEO might be the best way to rank your website, but that does not mean you deliver lousy content to the audience. Content should be your top priority because even if you manage to get the site rank up on the ladder, your overall performance stays down, and you might end up losing customers.

Search engines are becoming smarter day by day and phoning your content is undoubtedly going to get you penalized in the form of low rankings. Not only that, if your reader likes your content, you are about to get more shares and in turn, more business through your blogs.

So, focus on the content as seriously as you are doing on the SEO side of your content.

  • Grab the nearest fruit

Yeah, the anomaly of the heading is quite apparent. Rather than pushing yourself to compete directly with the big shots in the industry, pave your way through the sidewalks towards your destination. Try using a long tail or long-phrase keywords to rank yourself instead of using broad keywords. Try to put some intent in your keyword so you can easily rank with minimum competition.

Here is an example that explains the phenomenon. Rather than using “Chinese restaurants” which would give you a broad array of results consisting of every famous Chinese restaurant in the city, try going for “Chinese restaurants in New York”, or something even more specific like “Top 5 Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn”. This way, you target your intent in a more precise way and get the desired results by narrowing the search process.

  • Maintain consistency

Consistency is the key to achieve the desired results. One thing that goes a long way, along with quality content is consistency. Search engines like to know that your website is frequently updated, and hence it awards you by ranking you at the top position on the search results.

Also, the readers interested in reading your blogs are assured that you are serious about your business and share and link your content with theirs signalling that your organic traffic is on its way to a huge leap forward.

  • Guest blog to gain traffic

There are more and more people turning towards guest blogging these days, and it is reducing the value of inbound links. Guest blogging is still a feasible strategy to get a considerable traffic inflow from the sites you post.

Guest blogging needs to be done right to generate traffic. You have to post the content on high authority sites which has good traffic inflow so that the readers redirect to your blog using the link provided in the article. This will, in turn, improve your SEO rankings.

  • Don’t trouble Google

Google is your go-to option when it comes to SEO since it is the most used search engine in the world. In spite of everything, in place from Google’s end, some people try to bypass the standards to the bottom mentioned by Google SEO algorithms. You need to understand that every site up and running is continuously monitored by Google for any wrong or unethical behaviour to improve rankings. You will sooner or later get caught for your unethical rankings and penalized.


Organic traffic is not an easy job to accomplish. It requires hard work, like any other achievement in the world. You have to be on toes to improve the traffic and have the patience to see the results. One more little secret apart from the SEO hacks mentioned above is choosing the right host. For example, a Linux VPS Hosting provides you with speed, reliability, and security, which improves the technical part of your website, in turn improving your SEO strategy in a better way. Web server performance and the server location can have a significant impact on marketing efforts. Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.