Correcting Speech Issues With Speech Therapy

There are many medical insurance companies that actually shoulder the cost for speech therapy but not for speech training. And for this, parents will be shouldering the expense of speech training. Secondly, depending on the child’s age, there’s a big possibility that the child hasn’t mastered speech production yet or the child might have speech disorder.

Whether you believe it or not, speech therapy helps children who have difficulty in trying to produce age appropriate sounds correctly due to intellectual reasons, medical reasons or simply developmentally delayed from unknown and known causes. So when a parent has made a decision to contact a speech language pathologist or simply as speech therapist to inquire about him/her about speech training for children ages 3 to 17 years old, the therapist may invite the parent to have a visit to their office to do a free or minimal cost speech training of the speech behavior of the child and offer consultation services to parents.

Like what we know, children are growing at their own pace and constantly developing. Yes, your child might be going to his or her primary doctor’s clinic to learn about the status of their developmental milestones for communication skills and growth. On the other hand, your kid’s doctor must be well aware of the fact that children don’t always meet the developmental guidelines at exact time but, it is crucial for your child to be within the proximity limits.
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If ever your child doesn’t fall within the said limits of communication milestones, then your kid’s doctor may refer you to see a speech therapist for a language and speech evaluation. There are occasions as well to which children who reach adolescent stage might require speech training for activities similar to debating, oral presentations and acting. It’s all at the speech therapist’s discretion to decide which practice model would be ideal for your child.
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There are things that must be considered before you approach a therapist who can assist your child with their speech raining similar to hearing ability of your child, is he or she hard of hearing, the shape of your child’s mouth as sometimes children need prosthetics because of the shape of their mouth and does your child’s frenulum is restricting mobility of his/her tongue.

So always remember that before offering any speech training, the speech therapist will be doing comprehensive language and speech evaluation to be able to rule out any language and/or speech disorder. Moreover, school based speech therapist might not offer speech training because schools as well as the federal government is just employing speech therapist to provide a skilled intervention service that is considered to be medically necessary.