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Wi-Fi Hotspots : The Advantages

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If saving money is important, then there’s really only three ways to get free wireless internet access for laptops, and only two that are reliable and/or ethical:

* Wi-Fi Hotspots
* Dial-up connections
* Stealing it from your neighbors

We will look at the advantages and the disadvantages of each. Believe it or not, your final decision may not just come down to saving money in the long run – even if “free” does sound good right now. Let’s get started:

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspots

  1. A best wi-fi range extenderHotspot is a public place where you’ve seen people gathered in small groups using their laptops. This is a WLAN – a wireless local area network – set up by the place of business where you’ve seen these people gather.

The users of this service are patched into this network with some kind of adaptor that can receive broadband signals, and they …