Errors are something that is often done by humans, not least by us, the computer users. When we use computers, the most common mistake is that we eliminate important data accidentally. This negligence can have a negative impact on your day-to-day work. Therefore you need a solution that can minimize the various risks that may occur when we are using a computer. We cannot rule out the possibility that we will do negligence one day but we can think of how best to minimize or even fully anticipate our negligence. You need EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free 11.0 version. This free data recovery software is one of the free versions of the software suite provided by EaseUS. The main reason you need this software is you certainly do not want to repeat the same thing, what we mean is your job. If you can recover it, why not?

Free data recovery

As mentioned above, this recovery software is a free version of the same software. This software can be uploaded in a short time. The installation process also does not take long, it only takes a few minutes and you immediately can immediately run it. Once executed, you will soon see a fairly simple interface even for beginners in the computer field. You can even immediately configure the data recovery tool provided. Some people experience the complexity associated with the existence of some icons that represent a command. But in outline, there is no significant difficulty encountered when you make the navigation process.

Once you are ready to begin recovery, you will be given the opportunity to scan every file that will be restored. You can freely select the intended drive, along with the file type and location of the drive you want. Some of these steps can be completed without spending a lot of time.

Some recommended options

Before scanning, you will be given several options. If you do not have too much time then you can choose the Quick Scan option. This option is very fast because it only takes a few minutes from the beginning of the process to the end of the process. But sometimes Quick Scan cannot find what you’re looking for. For that you need the Deep Scan option. This option will be more careful in scanning your various files. This option may take several hours from start to finish but you will find far more scans. This option should run only when you really cannot find a file with the Quick Scan option. Whichever option is used, when you find the desired file, immediately click “Recover” as well as the destination folder, then the recovery process will start running immediately.

Available in multiple languages

There are two new languages ​​included in EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Free 11.0 Version service, namely Arabic and Turkish. With a very wide reach, more than 160 countries, this recovery software is what is most recommended for you.