Microsoft last week said it would eliminate one of the diagnostic data collection settings in Windows 10 and change the naming of two others.

The Redmond, Wash. developer cited a 2019 effort designed to give enterprise customers more control over what data Microsoft harvested. “As part of the Microsoft initiative to increase transparency and control over data, we’re making some changes to the Settings app and Group Policy settings that will start showing up in Windows Insider builds this month,” wrote Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager, in a March 5 post to a company blog.

Windows Insider is the Microsoft preview program that offers customers early peeks at Windows 10’s under-construction code. The diagnostic changes debuted in build 19577, which was released March 5.

Enhanced, be gone!

Windows 10 launched with three telemetry settings — Basic, Enhanced and Full — and a fourth, Security, was later added. In ascending order of the amount of data Microsoft collects, the four were Security, Basic, Enhanced and Full.

Enhanced got the ax.

That setting included all the data collection specified by the Security and Basic options, then added additional types of information to the total that Microsoft gleaned from machines. Among what Enhanced harvested were more operating system events, including Hyper-V and Cortana; specific events from apps bundled with Windows 10 or downloaded from the Microsoft Store; and all crash dumps.

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