During major events such as experiential marketing events, university hackathons, big meetings and conferences, attendees expect world class internet connectivity. Most attendees, in any event, will rate Wi-Fi connectivity as one of the most important needs in order to classify an event as successful. As such conference Wi-Fi remains very important to any event organizer. Bear in mind that conferences have to deal with lots of data handling in any event by the attendees. They will be updating blogs, twitter, and Facebook pages, sending clips and photos. They also use Skype and other VOIP apps.

Trade Show Internet offers the best service when it comes to such high profile internet connectivity. There are four main reasons why you should choose Trade Show Internet for such internet solutions;

  • When you want attendee productivity to be enhanced
  • For high-speed internet connectivity at any venue
  • You also get the complete package from Trade Show Internet which includes on site network design, deployment, renting hardware and bandwidth lease
  • The service will be offered from one point of contact for the wired and wireless internet solution and you only get one invoice for the entire service.

A world class Wi-Fi captive portal is necessary for an event to be successful. Trade Show Internet offers service to renowned companies such as Google, Nissan, and MTV just to mention a few. They will offer internet solutions to your event to ensure that it is a success too.