The length of time files are encrypted by a virus has an impact on the success of recovery. Data can become damaged, making recovery difficult. There are a few options for how to decrypt encrypted files quickly. One is to have advanced software installed into the computer system. The program can be activated in a click or two, and the decryption process can begin. The software must have the capacity to handle the specific virus infecting the system. There are some products that offer codes and programs for several viruses. That foresight can save a business a substantial amount of time when attacked by a hacker or cyber criminal. It is essential to update software as soon as updates become available. New viruses are launched at a rapid pace, so updates are essential to keep businesses prepared for attacks.

Many small businesses do not have extensive protection from viruses due to the cost. Basic protection is installed, updates are typically installed by the business owner, and an outside IT company is called for repairs or problems. Once a virus is detected, the call is made for a professional to arrive at the business location and begin the task of data recovery. Depending on the availability of technicians, the business may have to wait a day or two for results. That may leave the business completely unable to conduct business for that long, which can be detrimental to sales, production, or the development schedule for new products. The loss of intellectual property can be devastating to a business, especially those just starting up or on the verge of a breakthrough.

Quick response to an attack means finding an experienced IT company that provides emergency services twenty-four hours a day. Professionals who specialize in virus removal and data recovery for small and medium businesses have completed the entire process in a matter of a few hours. The business can be up and running again for a low flat rate. Post-recovery emails and telephone support are also included to deal with newly discovered encrypted files and answer questions. Other available services, such as consulting, IT management, and disaster recovery planning can strengthen security and help prevent a future attack.