Many jobs require a lot of moving from one place to another. When necessary supplies are far away, the employee has to run back and forth many times during a shift. This excessive running causes individuals to tire easily. When employees are fatigued, they often take longer to perform their duties. Employees in this scenario may make critical mistakes, and they are more likely to lose expensive supplies and equipment. Many businesses are now making many of their necessary pieces of equipment, tools and supplies mobile by attaching wheels or casters to selected items.

Busy motels and hotels use a lot of movable carts and equipment to quickly meet the needs of their valuable guests. These establishments need their employees to rapidly turn over and deeply clean rooms when guests check out. Maids utilize supply and laundry carts to better assist them in their fast-paced room preparedness for the next guest. Larger hotels often provide room service, and the dining room staff is dependent on fully functioning trays, tables and food carts. When these carts, and other movable objects, are not working properly, the hotel staff cannot serve the guests with the efficiency and fast service that every guest is paying for.

There are countless types of industries out there. They often need certain equipment, devices and required supplies to be moved as the work dictates. Many factories and other industrial companies only have one or a limited number of a specific workplace object. When the object is in high demand, it is essential to minimize the time employees spend in search of the desired object. More and more industries are utilizing object specific casters and wheels that allows the object to be moved quickly. If the wheels or casters freeze and lock up, the work rhythm may slow down or even stop. Industries require durable and reliable equipment that is able to move without causing injury to the employee pushing or pulling the larger object.

Lots of businesses, institutions, industries and home based companies, are better served with movable work equipment. People can be injured when attempting to push an object that gets stuck due to malfunctioning wheels or casters. Over time and with heavy use, these movable things can get hard to roll. When this occurs, someone has to apply more force to transport the object to another location. It is strongly recommended that these broken, sticking or otherwise malfunctioning wheels and/or casters be replaced before someone gets hurt.

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