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What are The Top SEO Hacks for 2020?

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Your website is a place where people come and understand your business well. Therefore, its visibility on the search engine results is a mandatory goal for you to achieve. Now, there are various ways of doing that.

You can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads, which ask you to pay for getting ranked on the search engine. It sounds like a pretty good deal packaged inside a little secret. Will that be enough for you to drive the traffic to your page when you stop paying? Well, that can be a difficult question to answer.

Another way of ranking in the top of the search engine results page is organic traffic. The best way to achieve such traffic is by using Search Engine Optimization for your website. This methodology is not a full-proof way to rank your website, but if done right without mistakes, your website will surely rank …

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What is KVM VPS Server Technology?

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As the web hosting landscape continues to evolve with new developments and technologies, we see a rise of alternative hosting solutions like VPS hosting taking the lead. Also called Virtual Private Server hosting, this is a highly efficient and sustainable hosting solution with long-term benefits for your website.

VPS, as the name suggests, runs on virtual servers. The main physical server is divided into multiple smaller servers, each complete on its own with individual hardware, software, applications, and security, very much like a dedicated hosting platform, only more economical. This isolation of server is done using a program called hypervisor, which enables every virtual server to function independently.

So, how does it work?

The VPS environment is built on an architecture that uses virtualization. It helps separate the virtual servers from the main physical machine but still run in sync as a complete unit. There are different types of …